Monday, November 2, 2015

My Latest Obsessions

Happy November everyone! Today I want to share with you some wonderful products that I have been hooked on throughout the last few weeks. I have twi face products and a nail product for you and they are all about hydration. So enough with the intro, let's see the goods!

Obsession #1: 
Belif- the true cream aqua bomb 
This stuff is amazing! I have always suffered from dry, red, sensitive skin and this product has fixed that. This is a lightweight gel-cream that cools the skin on contact and hydrates like nobody's business. This is an herb blend product that is free of parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, petroleum, dyes and fragrance. Basically all those products that irritate sensitive skin.

Obsession #2:
Dr. Jart+ - ceramidin day tint
Move over bb creams, there is a new sheriff in town! This is a non greasy, tinted hydrating cream. It contains a SPF of 15 and is free of parabens and sulfates.  It also contains this great ingredient ceramide which is a lipid that helps maintain moisture and restore irritated, sensitive skin.

Obsession #3:
Dazzle Dry- quick dry natural nail system
Alright, I'll admit it, when I first heard about this product I was like "oh great,  another long wearing polish that won't last."  Well I was wrong, this system is a game changer!  Dazzle Dry goes on and comes off like regular polish yet it wears like a gel. It will stay on chip free for 7-10 days, sometimes even longer. It air dries in 5 minutes flat, no LED or UV light needed. It is a 6 Free, vegan polish. It contains proteins, calcium and vitamin B5 so it will improve your nails with continued use without drying them out.  Oh and colors, they have 192 shades available.

Well I hope you can see why I love these products and if you would like to know where I purchased them just send me a message.  Also, what products are you currently crazy about, I would love to hear about them.