Monday, November 2, 2015

My Latest Obsessions

Happy November everyone! Today I want to share with you some wonderful products that I have been hooked on throughout the last few weeks. I have twi face products and a nail product for you and they are all about hydration. So enough with the intro, let's see the goods!

Obsession #1: 
Belif- the true cream aqua bomb 
This stuff is amazing! I have always suffered from dry, red, sensitive skin and this product has fixed that. This is a lightweight gel-cream that cools the skin on contact and hydrates like nobody's business. This is an herb blend product that is free of parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, petroleum, dyes and fragrance. Basically all those products that irritate sensitive skin.

Obsession #2:
Dr. Jart+ - ceramidin day tint
Move over bb creams, there is a new sheriff in town! This is a non greasy, tinted hydrating cream. It contains a SPF of 15 and is free of parabens and sulfates.  It also contains this great ingredient ceramide which is a lipid that helps maintain moisture and restore irritated, sensitive skin.

Obsession #3:
Dazzle Dry- quick dry natural nail system
Alright, I'll admit it, when I first heard about this product I was like "oh great,  another long wearing polish that won't last."  Well I was wrong, this system is a game changer!  Dazzle Dry goes on and comes off like regular polish yet it wears like a gel. It will stay on chip free for 7-10 days, sometimes even longer. It air dries in 5 minutes flat, no LED or UV light needed. It is a 6 Free, vegan polish. It contains proteins, calcium and vitamin B5 so it will improve your nails with continued use without drying them out.  Oh and colors, they have 192 shades available.

Well I hope you can see why I love these products and if you would like to know where I purchased them just send me a message.  Also, what products are you currently crazy about, I would love to hear about them. 


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Fall Beauty Forecast

The leaves are changing and falling.  People are sipping on their PSL while rocking their ponchos.  This can only mean one thing... fall is in full swing.  With the entrance of this lovely season we have come to embrace weather changes and wardrobe changes but have you changed your makeup and nails?  Well if you haven't yet I am here to give you a look at this seasons best trends for your eyes, cheeks, lips, and tips.

For eyes the big looks I've been seeing are metallic lids and smokey eyes.  I know that these have been both been done before, but guess what... they have made these looks so easy to achieve this time around.  they actually only require one or two products at the most.  The Metallic lid is created using a bronze shadow and apply it to the lid only (pro tip, wet the brush first for a more intense look). My favorite shadow is radar which can be found in Urban Decay's Naked Smoky Palette.  The Smokey Eye is created a liner and shadow in either grey or brown, this makes it less harsh then the classic black making this look more wearable for the day as well as the evening.  Liner both the top and bottom lashes and blend the liner out with a smudger brush.  Apply shadow of your choice and blend, blend, blend (pro tip, the liner does not need to be perfect because you will be smudging it out so that there is no harsh line).  My liner of choice is Urban Decay's 24/7 eye pencil in smokeout.  The shadow I use is password which can also be found in the Smoky Palette.

The trend this year for cheeks is a flushed look.  Gone is the heavy contouring and strobing.  In are cheeks with a hint of rose or peach (pro tip, you want to look like you just came in from a walk on a brisk day).  My favorite product I like to use to achieve this rosy glow is Stila's aqua glow watercolor blush in rosewater. 

Not too much has changed in the lip world, the classic are still shining through.  Red lips and vampy, berry lips are everywhere right now.  To achieve a classic red lip find a liner and lipstick in a shade that works with your skin tone, it doesn't matter if you are warm or cool, everyone can wear red.  My current go to red lipstick is Amplified Oblivion from MAC's Rocky Horror Picture Show Collection.  For vampy, berry lips the process is the same, liner and lipstick (pro tip, make sure you fill in your lips with the liner so that you don't have a noticeable line when your lipstick starts to wear off).  My berry favorite shade has been Black Cherry by Smashbox.

Nails seem to be following along with the makeup trends.  I'm seeing a ton of metallic, jewel tones, and berry tones.  From Essie to OPI, Julep to Dazzle Dry you are bound to find a color you like.

I feel like these are all fairly easy and very wearable trends to update any ones wardrobes.  So which ones will you be trying?  As always I am very interested in hearing about as well as seeing which trends have worked for you.


Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday Mudday

Monday, that dreaded day. It's the back to reality day and nobody likes it. Poor Monday has been getting a bad rap for years but that doesn't mean it needs to stay that way.  How do we change it you ask, with Mud Monday.

Mud Monday is an at home facial. It consists of four steps: cleanse, treat, target, hydrate. I started Mud Monday when I was introduced to the amazing product world of GLAMGLOW.  Glamglow is a line of volcanic mud-based masks originally created for Hollywood actors, musicians and performers as a way to have camera ready skin.  They have six masks that you can work with and they will be coming out with a new one this fall.  Along with masks they also have a cleanser line that is equally wonderful.

Okay let's learn the steps to Mud Monday:

Cleanse by applying a thin layer of POWERMUD to dry skin. Leave on for ten minutes. Wet fingers and gently massage skin to transform the mask from mud to oil. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.

Treat your skin with the mask of your choice. Use SUPERMUD to target, heal and prevent problem skin. For radiant, youthful looking skin use FLASHMUD and if you are looking for a quick fix, professional grade mask, use YOUTHMUD. Apply the mask in a thin, even layer and let it stay on for ten minutes. Rinse off with warm water.

Treat your eyes (they need love too) with BRIGHTMUD. Using one cell per eye, close lid and tap the entire product on the orbital eye and under eye. Leave on for three minutes then gently wipe off with a tissue.

Hydrate your freshly cleansed and treated skin with THRISTYMUD. Again apply in a thin layer. Now depending on your hydration needs you can leave this mask on for as little as ten minutes or overnight then just simply wipe it off with a tissue.

So what do you think, will you turn your Mundane Monday into a Mud Monday? Let me know if you have tried glamglow and if you have what is your favorite product. I can't wait to hear your thoughts.


Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How To Tuesday: Wedding Day Beauty

So my lovely sister is getting married next week and I couldn't be more excited. Not only am I lucky enough to be her maid of honor and stand by side her while she marries an awesome guy, but I also have the privilege to do her makeup and nails for the big day! I have been spending the last few weeks pondering ideas, plowing through books and playing with different looks. I have a running check list of do this, don't do that and I have decided to share it with you. So here it is my Wedding Beauty Dos and Don'ts.

Primer, it's a must! Even if you think your makeup stays all day, trust me it doesn't. You want your makeup to hold up through dancing, toasting, selfies, up until the last photo of the evening and a primer will help you achieve that.

Stay Natural, your wedding day is not the time for electric blue shadows or the latest purple lipstick trend. You want your makeup to look timeless on the big day and in your photos.  One look that never goes out of style: radiant skin, rosy cheeks, pink lips, and a softly defined eye.

Glowing Skin and shiny skin are NOT the same. To control shine, dust translucent powder onto your forehead, your chin and sides of nose. 

Waterproof Mascara is non-negotiable! If you are adventurous add a few clusters of false lashes to really make your eyes pop.

Get a manicure and pedicure, this is self explanatory. Your hands are going to be in pictures and feet are joining the photo group more and more. So do yourself a favor and get your fingers and toes pampered, you can thank me later.

Keep nails simple.  Nothing sticks out more then bright colored nails against an ivory or white backdrop, or in this case wedding dress. Stick with soft shades that are more sheer then chalky. 

That's the list, nothing too overwhelming right?  Also these Dos and Don'ts can work for bridesmaids, moms, and guests too, not just the bride.  I can't wait to hear what you think of my list.


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

How To Tuesday: 5-Free is the way to be!

The nail world, it's constantly under a microscope or in the news. Should you breathe acrylic dust? Should you have a gel manicure? Is that implement sterilized? The newest topic up for debate: is that polish "5-free"?  What does that even mean?

5-Free is a polish that is completely void of five known toxic ingredients: formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, toulene, formaldehyde resin and camphor.

Formaldehyde is a commonly used chemical to preserve and embalm dead animals (and humans). It's vapors are also irritating and can trigger asthma. Formaldehyde is also a known human carcinogen, a factor directly involved in causing cancer.

Dibutyl Phthalate is a commonly used plasticizer and has been linked to cancer. DBP has also been connected to birth defects in studies involving lab animals.

Toluene is a liquid that is used as a solvent and has the familiar smell of paint thinner. You can be exposed to toluene by breathing it in or getting it on your skin, causing irritation. Unfortunately, inhaling high levels of toluene is said to be harmful to your nervous system and can cause light-headedness and nausea. Toluene is a toxin that may also cause birth defects and developmental problems in children of pregnant women who have had extended exposure.

Formaldehyde Resin is a derivative of Formaldehyde, mainly used in production of coatings and adhesives. It is not as toxic as Formaldehyde but can be an allergen.

Camphor is a poison that can cause seizures and disorientation if used in large doses. This chemical acts as a cover on your nails, depriving them of nutrients and causing yellow staining on your nails.

While the odds are slim that polishes containing these ingredients will hurt you (polish sits on top of your nails, which aren't made of living tissue, so it's not likely to be absorbed into your bloodstream), you are still breathing it in. Also it is good to know what exactly is in the products that you're using.

So which brands are 5-free? Here are my top 5 favorite ones:
Zoya $9 (

Deborah Lippmann $18 (

Julep $14 (
Chanel $27 (
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics $10 (

Are any of my readers 5-Free? Are you going to start? What brand is your favorite? I can't wait to hear from you.


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Subscription Day!

So I'm sure all of you have seen or heard about subscription boxes.  For a certain fee a month a company will delivery you a box of goodies, and they have become quite the craze. Why not..who doesn't like getting fun things in the mail?! You can get a subscription for just about anything: jewelry, clothes, food and of course beauty products.  I personal have tried Birchbox and Love With Food and I currently have accounts with Popsugar, Julep and Ipsy.

Today I decided to show you what I received in my April Popsugar Must Have box. This subscription goes for about $40 a month and it is totally worth it! April's box contained products that totaled $126, not too shabby.

Dabney Lee Dottie Umbrella $20:

"With an umbrella as adorable as this, we're welcoming Spring showers with open arms. Plus, the auto open-and-close feature and quick-drying fabric are sure to make any outdoor adventure enjoyable, rain or shine."

One Love Organics Gardenia + Tea Antioxidant Body Serum $39:
"We're addicted to this luxurious serum that takes moisture to the next level. Infused with antioxidants and other superstar ingredients, it has a subtle fragrance of gardenia and offers nourishing effects for softer skin all over."

Produce Candles Rhubarb Spring Candle $20:
"Bring the farm stand home to you with this sweet smelling rhubarb candle. Crafted in Charleston, SC, with natural soy wax, this candle crop will fill a room with the scent of fresh rhubarb on a crisp Spring day."

Flip & Tumble 24-7 Bag $12:
"From bag to , this 24-7 reusable bag compacts in a pinch- no folding or zipping necessary. Made of a reliable ripstop nylon, it's perfect for the market and carries all your essentials with ease!"

Potting Shed Creations Garden-in-a-Bag Basil $10:

"Homegrown fresh spices just got easier with Garden-in-a-Bag Basil. No chopping or mincing required- enjoy the miniature leaves straight off the plant for flavorful dishes year-round."

Special Extra! Mott 50 $25 Gift Card:
"With fashion and function in mind, Mott 50 created a lightweight clothing line with a 50 ultraviolet protection factor to combat harmful UVA and UVB rays."

I love everything about this box and I can't wait to put it to good use. Do you have any subscription boxes? Which ones do you have, and why do you love them?  I cant wait to hear from you.


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How to get a flawless look in 10 minutes and only 7 products

Did you over sleep today? How about everyday?  Well if you are like most people this does happen from time to time.  However just because you may feel well-rested you might not look well-rested and the last thing you want to do is spend forever on your makeup. Well below I have a quick and easy look that anyone can wear. 

Step 1:  apply your favorite foundation
 Step 2: fill in your brows
Step 3: apply a shadow or tinted primer all over your eyelid
Step 4: apply your favorite eyeliner
Step 5: apply your favorite mascara
Step 6: apply your favorite bronzer or blush to the apple of your cheeks
Step 7: apply your favorite lipstick or lipgloss

It really is as simple as that and it can be done in as little as 10 minutes!  
I can't wait to hear if this works for you and if it took 10 minutes or not.  Let me know what your favorite products were to create this simple look.  


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

How To Tuesday: Clean Those Brushes

Makeup brushes...we all have them and we love to use them. However, how often do you clean them?  If it took you more then 30 seconds to answer that then you are not cleaning them enough.  Brushes are an investment and you want them to last.  Cleaning your brushes weekly will not just help maintain the lifespan of the brush, it also helps stop the spread of bacteria.  Dirty brushes contain old makeup, dirt and debris, dead skin cells and oil.   If you keep on using these with all of your makeup you are just creating a giant bacteria breeding ground and problem skin for yourself down the road, gross.

However all of this can be avoided with regular cleanings.  Wash them at night and they will be dry and ready for use the next morning.  All you need to clean them is a brush cleaner or baby shampoo and a sponge, olive oil, and rubbing alcohol.

How to clean brushes:
brush cleaner- thanks to a dear friend who gave me this as part of a gift I have been using blendercleasner solid by Beauty Blender.   It's an amazing product and so simple to use.  Wet you brushes with lukewarm water and twirl the bristles directly onto the soap.  Rinse the brush with water until it runs clear and no longer feels soapy.  Be sure to avoid getting water past the shaft( metal part) of the brush, this prevents rusting and having your bristles fall out.  Squeeze out the excess water and place your brushes on a clean, dry towel to air dry for about 6-8 hours.
baby shampoo and a sponge-  the process is pretty much the same.  Wet a clean sponge with lukewarm water and squeeze some baby shampoo onto the center of it.  Wet brush and swirl the bristles into the shampoo. Rinse with water until it runs clear and no longer feels soapy.  Squeeze out excess water and lay on a towel to dry.
olive oil- if you have brushes that have waterproof makeup on them or gel liner, this is your secret weapon.  Pour a little olive oil into a paper towel.  Swirl your brush into the oil to remove the stubborn makeup.  Proceed to wash your brush with your cleansing routine of choice.
alcohol- after your have cleaned all your brush and let them dry you want to clean the handles.  Pour some rubbing alcoh onto a paper towel and simply wipe down the handles.

There you have it, simple yet effective ways to clean your brushes.  I hope this helps you ladies out. Let me know if you have any other tips that you would like to share. Happy cleaning!


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How To Tuesday: Rock that nude lip!

Nude lips, they were all over the red carpet at the Grammys.  They are the perfect pair to a bold eye and they are the finishing touch to a flawless natural look.  However achieving a great natural lip is not as easy as just swiping on some Chapstick and calling it a day.  Pick a shade too dark and you look like you just got done eating a chocolate bar. Pick a shade too light and you end up looking like a corpse.  Here are some guidelines to help you achieve the perfect nude lip.

Know your skin tone:
Find a shade the flatters your complexion.  It should freshen your skin, not wash you out.  If you have lighter skin, think soft pink like a ballerina's leotard or tights.  For medium skin, go for a color that has peach undertones and is a shade darker then your actual skin tone. This way you won't look like you're wearing concealer.  For dark skin, opt for a milk or dark chocolate shade.

Prep the lip:
Nude does not look good on chapped lips.  Be sure to exfoliate with a lip scrub to give yourself a smooth canvas to work on.

Gloss or Matte:
When wearing a nude lip you want to be able to tell the difference between your skin and your lips.  Are you more of a matte foundation girl? Then go with a glossy nude.  Do you prefer a more dewy, luminous complexion? Then try out a matte nude.

When in doubt, test it out:
Nude lipsticks (or any makeup for that matter) can look completely different from the tube to your skin.  Be sure to test colors out on the back of your hand to see how it looks against your skin.

So now that you have your guidelines, will you dare to go nude in public?  Have you found your perfect shade?  Let me know in the comments below.


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

How To Tuesday: Contouring

Contouring...we seem to hear that word everyday thanks to a dreaded reality star and I am always asked for tips on it from friends, family, and clients.  So what exactly is contouring?

Contouring is giving shape to an area of the face and enhancing the facial structure through makeup.  It's not supposed to be noticeable—just a subtle definition.   

So now that we know what contouring is, how do we do it.  Before we get to technique though let's come up with a quick product list.  You will want two foundation shades-one a shade lighter and one a shade deeper then your skin tone. You'll also need a brush.  I prefer a fan brush, it prevents you from being heavy handed with product.

Now for technique:
Take your deeper shade or bronzer and sweep it from your forehead to your cheek and down to your jawline in a "3" shape.

With your lighter shade or highlighter sweep a crescent or a "C" from your brow bone to down and across the top of your cheekbone.

Now, blend, blend, blend!

So that is basic, natural contouring.  I can't wait to hear and see your contouring stories and hopefully you try out some of these tips.


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Transformation Thursday

I had some time on my hands this morning so I thought I would give you a quick and simple look that you can use both day and night.

Step 1: prime skin
Step 2: apply foundation, I used Temptu Airpod in 003 warm ivory
Step 3: fill in brows, I used Smashbox Brow Tech to go in Brunette
Step 4: apply shadow from lash line to crease, I used Make Up For Ever artist shadow ME-612
Step 5: apply shadow under the brow and the inner corner of the eye, I used Make Up For Ever artist shadow I-514
Step 6: apply liner to the waterline, I used Make Up For Ever graphic liner
Step 7: apply mascara
Step 8: apply blush to the upper cheekbone and blend towards the temples, I used Make Up For Ever artist shadows I-808 and S-748
Step 9: apply lipstick and gloss, I used Make Ip For Ever rouge artist natural N4 and lab shine D14

To take this look from day to night I would just apply a darker lipstick.  Let me know if you try this look with products that you already have and be sure to take pictures.


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

How To Tuesday: Cuticle Care

During the winter months I get ask by so many people, "how can I fix my cuticles?" They are dry, they are peeling, they are red, they are cracked.  Well I am here to let you in on a secret...moisturize!

Moisturizing is the best thing you can do not just for your cuticles, but all of your skin.  Now What should you use for your cuticles, well cuticle oil.  One little bottle is packed with so many great benefits.  It offers long-lasting natural moisture. It has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It has antioxidants and has a makeup similar to skin's collagen so it is great for sensitive skin.  Best of all, it takes about thirty seconds to do and only one product is needed.  

So next time you are out, stop at any beauty retailer and pick up a bottle for yourself.  I promise your cuticles and your nail tech will thank you for it.


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hello and Welcome!  I'm sure you are wondering what exactly Beauty By Alexis is.  Well guess what?, I'm here to tell you.

Beauty By Alexis is a one woman show that specializes in beauty house calls.  Need your nails or makeup done?  She's your girl.  Need a new twist on a girl's night out?  Have her come to you, she can teach you and show you the latest makeup and nail tips and trends.  Are you or someone you know getting married?  Have her come to you and pamper the wedding party in the comforts of your own surroundings.  Basically she is here for any day that you want or need some extra beautifying.