Wednesday, May 18, 2016

East and West Beauty Trends

If you have been on beauty social media sites lately, (which I know you have because you are reading this) then I'm sure you have noticed that the makeup looks seem very repeatative.  That got me wondering...are these makeup trends the same in other parts of the world?   After doing my research I found that this is not the case, so I decided to show you just how different the makeup trends are.  I am going to compare Eastern trends verses Western trends for you, so here you go!


EAST- bright, light, even skintone.  Dewy textures that can be achieved from BB creams or cushion foundations. Pale pink and peach cream blushes are applied high on top of the cheekbones to get a nice flush to the face (similair to the color you receive after a quick walk to the car on a windy day)

WEST- medium to full matte foundation coverage.  Heavy contouring to the sides of the nose and the hollows of the cheeks is use to give a very chiseled, defined look, while highlighters are applied to the bridge of the nose and the top of the cheekbones.  Peach blush is applied to the apples of the cheeks to give the appearance of a tan.


EAST- very light, shimmery shadows are sweaped over the entire eyelid. Liner is applied very thin and very tight against the lashes to give the eye more of a rounded appearance.  Browns and soft black are the most popular shades for liner.  Lashes and lash extentions are just as popular in the East as they are in the West, maybe even more.  The difference however is that they prefer them very straight and seperated with the longest lashes being in the center.  Brows are lightly filled-in to give them more of a straight across look but still maintain a very natural look.

WEST- deep shadows are used to create a smokey lid.  Liner is dramatic and winged out and is usually black.  Big, bold and full are a must for lashes.  They tend to have more of a curve to them and are longer in the outer corners.  Brows are filled-in and have a well defined arch to them.


EAST- concealer is applied to the lips to soften the edges and give them a thinner appearence.  No liner is used.  Bright, baby pink glosses are applied to the center of the lips and then blended out, like a reverse ombre.  This gives them a pucker pout.

WEST- lips are over-drawn with a nude pencil to give them a fuller appearance.  They are filled in with a matte, nude lipstick.

Overall the East seems to prefer a light and youthful look to their makeup.  The West, well their look is very defined and dramatic.  So are an East makeup girl or a West?  I like to think I'm both, it just depends on the day.  I can't wait to hear you thoughts about all of these trends.  Which ones have you tried or will try?  Which ones are a no go for you?